30 min Reading

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30 min Reading


Please choose which focus you would like in your reading

-If you choose an intuitive reading. Allow me to help focus and find clarity over your concerns within your life. Ask me your question or area of concern in within your life, and I’ll help bring clarity through my intuition, psychic, and mediumistic senses.

- If you choose a mediumship reading. The main focus is to connect to your past loved ones through the spirit realm and based evidentially. During this session I am channeling from spirit and connecting to your passed loved one(s). My intention is to provide clarity for you from spirit through their loving messages that I receive.

-If you’d like a little of each, I’d advise a 50 min reading so we can make sure to have enough time to cover both. However, the 30 min readings have time to get to a little of each.

You must pay in full at time of booking. This reading is for one person only, please be in a quiet area without distractions or other people during our phone or video call. In person readings for (Portland, OR area only) and let me know at booking.

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"Recently, I've been going through a difficult period in my life. I reached out to Nicole through one of her phone sessions. She is a revelation! She immediately put me in a space of trust and radiating warmth. Through my session with her, she visually described my soul, this is the best way to explain my experience. She saw a moving picture or portrait of me which she moved through in a gentle and illuminating way. So many levels and layers she attended to and revealed to me in her highly visual way which established clarity, and a connection of trust. A reading with Nicole is beautiful and transformative. I highly recommend her readings with a full heart." -Jennifer S., Los Angeles, CA

“I had a psychic and medium reading with Nicole and she is so insightful. She brought through so many validation details about my dad and my sister, that I had no doubt they were around. Nicole does a fantastic job of really delivering healing and uplifting messages that made me feel positive by the end of the reading. Highly recommend - Toni W. - Portland, OR

”I had a wonderful experience with a combination reading. I had no doubt that Nicole was tapped into my ancestors. She gave accurate information that confirmed the messages from Spirit. She has a lovely sweet energy and is a gifted medium!
-Jackie H., McMinnville, OR