OBE, out of body experience

Have you had OBE (Out of Body Experiences) ? This is not to be confused with Lucid Dreaming, as they are two different things. I wanted to share mine incase other people have been confused like I was for a long time. I’ve had an interesting relationship with OBE’s, and in this blog I’m focusing mainly on them, but intend to write more about my history and path to psychic mediumship in the next.

 For most of my life I haven’t had language to put my psychic, mediumship, OBE, spirit visitation, etc, into context. I knew little to nothing about psychic gifts, telepathy, OBE’s, mediumship, etc. Of course I had heard of a psychics, but I had the old stereotype in my mind; a woman gazing into a crystal ball. And it never crossed my mind to go see one. I had no mentor to help guide me in these situations either.

Looking back now, I realize that not understanding one’s own psychic gifts, can cause fear and misunderstanding within oneself and their own mind, expression, and even life path. I like to share my experiences in my spirit blog to hopefully connect and even help others realize that psychic abilities are normal and everyone has them. Some might have more of a disposition to it, like playing music or art, and it depends on one’s own desire to understand and develop them.

I was a shy child and liked to play with imaginary friends. I loved to be by myself painting, drawing, writing or just observing the world. When I was in younger I had fainting episodes. I don’t know if this is related to my OBE sensitivities, but I had a stretch of them, including falling off the bleachers at my elementary school play. I do think some of these episodes were related to stress and fight or flight. The fainting faded out in my teenage years, and have had only a few as an adult.

Another psychic sense that I had as a child,  was feeling like I could understand what people were thinking and feeling. I would purposely merge with their energy and emotions. Almost like putting on a coat. By doing this I realized that I was able to understand the person and their motives well, which now I understand was developed more of a survival skill. But when you have trauma in your family early in your childhood, you adapt in your own way.  It took me years to learn not to merge with other peoples energies and develop healthier boundaries. Now, as a working practicing psychic when I do this, it’s to merge with a persons aura, or energy field during a reading when they have allowed for this, so I can try to help the person. I also ground before and after to be careful not to take on too much of their ’stuff’.

My healthy escape from people was going on walks in nature. I remember 'hearing voices’ while I was walking on a trail through the forest during the summer. The voices felt very protective like spirits around me. I would hear them on and off for several years.  I just assumed everyone did to until I told a friend and she thought I was a little crazy, so I didn’t talk about it again for a long time.

As I entered my teens, I became much more sensitive to the outside world, school, friends and family dynamics. It all became too much for me. My only peaceful OBE happened when we were in Colorado in a sky resort up in the mountains, and I was sleeping on a pullout in the living room. Right when I was about to fall asleep the ceiling suddenly parted and the night sky was in my bedroom, I then looked around and saw myself floating above the room. It was pretty peaceful feeling, and I don’t recall being afraid of this. 

I began taking lot of psychedelics at age of 14 and smoking a lot of pot. Almost everyday I would trip, I felt it brought me closer to the world I had started to become aware. I do believe the psychedelics helped open more of my natural psychic nature. However, I was not responsible with them and used them far too often to escape from my life constantly. This abuse with drugs sent me into a downward spiral habit over several years to the point where I became paranoid of my friends and family. I was hospitalized  at the age of 16 for depression, and suicidal.

 The rest of my OBE’s that I had were from traumatic situations or not very peaceful because I was fearful of them. One incident happened just previous to being hospitalized. I don’t wish to talk about the horrible incident, except for it was a situation in which I was overpowered. I immediately went out of my body and was up near the ceiling looking down at myself in the situation for several minutes. This haunted me for years, and I have worked through it and made peace within.

During my hospital stay, I just wanted to leave this earth and go back to spirit. I was very lost, and alienated I didn’t identify with my life or anyone in it. I was staying in the suicide watch section of the hospital where the aids come check on you every 15 minutes day and night. I remember waking up and my soul had left my body, I was in the corner of the room observing the aid with her flashlight checking to see if I was breathing.

One day at the hospital I had wake up call. I was sitting in the small cafeteria with a few other patients. Another teenager who had tried to take his life was all wrapped up in bandages next to me. I heard and felt messages from what I understand now as spirit talking to me. It’s difficult to explain, but I remember a few quick messages, and these me aware that I was not in the same place as him. Knowing this helped me to want to get better.

After the hospital, I dropped the drugs and channeled my sensitivities by throwing myself into my artwork, where I was able to connect and feel closer to higher self, and express my energies within.

I embraced my artistic side and decided to go to art college. During the first year of art school, I had 2-3 out of body experiences.  I recall one very distinct memory in drawing class, while I was listening to the teacher give instructions when suddenly I was hovering over watching the classroom from above. The split of my spirit being above while my was body below amongst  the other students, caused me to panic. This brought be back into my body and I  felt very nauseous and about to pass out. I had no idea what was going on at the time. Even though this was now a familiar experience, I still didn’t know what an OBE was, and I remember worrying that I might be going crazy. I would have to leave the room and sit in the hallway, or make an excuse to the bathroom so I could catch my breath.  I was also certain I could hear what people were thinking at times, and then it would mix up all together, where I wasn't sure if they had just spoken to me out loud or telepathically. 

One way I began to try and cope with these psychic energies was to sit by a large oak tree right outside my dorm. I would plant myself there for several hours feeling safe and grounded by the tree. I have a few friends school that have brought up this memory of seeing me sitting by that tree over the years. Another place I would visit was the beautiful large cemetery not too far from the school. I only knew one person buried there, but I always felt drawn to the grounding and peacefulness I felt there. I would sit and close my eyes and be still for an hour or so, and sometimes bring my drawing pad with.

In photography class we had an assignment to go to a business and investigate with our camera to show the world what we saw. I decided to go to a funeral home, and cemetery to document what happens there.
Also, my husband recalls me dragging him to a cemetery near where we live now years ago and doing yoga there :)
I’m going to jump forward to the next experiences with OBE’s.  In my late 20’s I had several episodes of sleep paralysis in which I could see or sense other people (spirits) in the room. One man in spirit visited several times, and I’ll write about him in my next blog. I brought it up because I have learned that there is a relationship between sleep paralysis and OBE’s.  While I never completely left the roomy soul did hover in the room while my body was trapped in fear on the bed because I couldn’t move. He kept motioning for me to follow him out the walls of the apartment. I was terrified and it brought me back to my physical body.

The last OBE that I recall is during my second child’s birth. I decided to do a natural brith without the use of any drugs and with a midwife. Although the labor was much shorter then my first it was extremely painful. While I was in active labor my soul kept trying to leave my body. It ripped through my chakras from root through crown and out hovering above my head about two to three feet. I remember thinking this what it’s like to die. While my soul was hovering, I saw a train passing by. I wanted to get on the train, but knew if I get on the train, I can’t come back. With every intense contraction it would happen again, so about every 2-3min at first and then every minute, lasting as long as a minute I would be travel out of my body a few feet and then get sucked back in again.

 As much as I can look back at these experiences with awe, up o this point all the OBE experiences I’ve had have been involuntary and fearful. I have journaled about them over the years as I started to learn more about OBE’s within the past few years. Now I’m interested in having intentional and positive experiences with OBE’s like some people who are really exploring them do.

I took a workshop where my instructor Sharon Sandana Kumara has had over 600 OBE’s and is writing a book about them, she has a positive view on them and how they can enrich your daily life. She intentionally puts her body in a deep relaxing state of mind so that she can travel around and explore past lives, spirit world, other dimensions, etc. With guided meditation she to imagine what it’s like to get into an OBE, and what you can do when you're in one. 

  In the class she brought us through a deep relaxed body/awake mind meditation. During it we were encouraged to feel with our imagination what it’s like to have your soul leave and travel around while hour body lay heavily relaxed. Once I was in that space, I felt like I was swinging from branch to branch like a monkey through the city. Then my energy became very fast, like I was zipping around at hyper speed, checking in on different people I know, with an aspect of remote viewing. I was visiting them for a brief moment, telepathically saying ‘hey, how’s it going?’ and gave a hug. Now that Sharon has helped me to see them in a new light I may give it a try.