Trance state

I was inspired by a vision during a trance state meditation workshop I took. During this guided meditation the body is in a deep relaxation, with a waking mind. You are bypassing the ego, or going past the identity of your memory to deeper source.

The ceremony included singing bowls, chanting music, and then our teacher used a count down with key words, and visual format, over and over, to reach deeper and deeper into this waking mind space. I felt very safe and open, but at the key points of going lower I did feel a bit hesitant at the transition times. Once we were at a certain level our teacher wanted us to connect to what was in our space.

Immediatley I entered through a space wormhole into a room made of stars, within space. It felt cozy yet expansive. I was surrounded by 12 black cats, and one other larger black cat that was protectively roaming the circle. I was able to reach the cosmic landscape with my hand and move them around in trails. There was one constant glowing crescent moon hung low in the sky.

I saw my reflection and I asked “who am I ? “ There were many light beings surrounding me. I felt very protected. They said “you are we, and we are you. This is the circle of light exchanging between us”. 

Then a gold pentagram appeared and many birds came, some sat on the cats back. Suddenly I was inside an Egyptian coffin looking around at this world. I was that person, this is my world. It felt familiar yet new. Everthing around me was very vivid in color and shapes. Then a bird swooped down and put a pentagram tattoo on my third eye.

Our teacher started to ease us back out of our trance by counting us back up through several layers. While she was doing this I felt and saw my animals all coming with me, and I was still very much the Egyptian person. I felt resistance to going back, like I wanted to stay in that place longer. Then the meditation was over. I feel very moved and grateful for this experience. xo