Clairvoyance or imagination ?

An important part of mediumship development is learning how to tell the difference between your imagination and information from spirit. This is something that we all have to learn and go through in practice to understand how the two feel differently. And it constantly challenges the need to be wrong or right. For me it’s been a process of letting go, and letting go again, and again. A little like jumping off a mental cliff and not worrying where you land. I bet psychic mediums with years of experience still struggle to some degree with this at times.

Practice with validation and feedback from the sitter (person you are giving the reading to) is part learning how to tell the difference. However, there are times when what you say is correct, but they don’t remember that detail or memory, during the reading. This is (called ‘psychic amnesia’) which can also be confusing for the medium. Some people might remember later and reach out to you, and let you know later. I feel like if 80% of the reading resonates with the sitter, then it’s a good one.

Over time, I’ve begun to slowly tease apart imagination and clairvoyance from each other. It almost feels on a micro level, and in a flash my mind knows. I still throw stuff out that isn’t in alignment to the sitter, but when I do I find myself able to move on quicker and not get stuck in it.

Through the “clairs” in our body is how a medium picks up on the information spirit is giving them. It’s like playing charades with the senses. Since clairvoyance is one of my strong clairs, and I think the one most people can probably relate to, that image of the third eye within themselves. I’ve experienced clairvoyance information from spirit as symbols, images, and like a short movie clip.

I’ve realized a few ways that I can misinterpret information spirit is sending me. Information from spirit can come in VERY quickly. So quickly that it can be easily missed, a little like music, it moves fast, can be difficult to catch, then it’s gone. If I feel like I missed something, I try to let it go, so I can be open again to pick up the next piece. Also, I believe if it’s important enough, spirit will bring it back again.

One way I might misinterpret spirit is to try and interpret what I get too much. I have learned to try not to interpret mediumship information and just ‘give what I get’. What I see, feel, know, etc, even if it doesn’t make ‘sense’ to me, or seems like pieces at times. It may be making sense to the sitter.

Like I said before, images from spirit are direct and fast. They can also be simple, one piece of a puzzle. That said, it’s amazing how much the mind wants to latch on and try to use imaginations to construct connections to the images that come through. For example, I was giving a reading and the spirit came in wearing a military uniform, boots, wore a hat a certain way, brought me through how he died and where, 4 people who were around him around time of death. Plenty of detailed evidence that spirit gave me to give to the sitter.

Then I was suddenly in a house, I see a Christmas tree, then a quick snippet of the fireplace mantle, and an flash of stars on a flag sitting above it. It would have been easy for me to not tell the sitter about the stars because my imagination would have just decided that he was patriotical. I could have missed the meaning of that. I’ve done that before. Mind wants to create a story, but it’s not my story to interpret.

I’m glad I mentioned the stars. When she was giving me feedback after the reading, she told me he had a military funeral service and they put the wrapped flag above the mantle at Christmas time which is also, why I saw the Christmas tree. It had a lot of meaning to her, and so glad that I mentioned that detail specific in honor of his passing.

Another way I’ve noticed I can get in my way with imagination is by blocking the information spirit is giving me, because maybe I don’t want to ‘go there’ ?

For example I was connecting with a spirit who was bringing through all sorts of validation for the sitter on her character, their relationship, other specific family dynamics. Then the sitter asked me how she died. Immediately I saw a rope around her neck like a noose, and my hand went right to my throat. But instead of saying what I saw, my mind jumped and switched to another part of my body. I felt nauseous, tingles all over my body, then my mind decided it was confused. Which to me when I feel confused then it’s a signal I’ve jumped out of the spirit connection and into my rational mind. Which causes my imagination to want to construct an outcome. So, I guessed cancer.

It wasn’t cancer, it was suicide. And the sitter mentioned to me that when I had my hand to my throat, and nauseous she knew I was following spirit. Even though the spirits death was caused by asphyxiation from car exhaust, not by hanging, I realized spirit was showing me an image for suicide.

For some reason my mind wouldn’t allow the flash of a second of information from spirit to resonate in me. I have connected to other spirits who’ve died from taking their own life. I’m not sure why I blocked myself during that reading, and jumped out of connection with spirit. It’s all a learning process. Something I understand now about a reading, hopefully will come though in the next.

This is just a few examples of how subtle and intricate it can be connecting to spirit as a medium. It’s all an ongoing learning process and an art form. I find it fascinating and love all the healing spirit can bring 😍.