Spirit Visitation Dreams

Have you had a spirit visitation dream before? I’ve had visitation dreams from passed family members, friends, and a guide. Here are a few of mine that I’d like to share.

The other night I had a vivid dream from my friend who passed away when I was in my late 20’s. She wasn’t on my mind, and I realize often visitors like to surprise, as she did the other day.

One thing is clear with all the visitation dreams I’ve had. They are always crystal clear, very vivid like technicolor. I can often hear and feel the person. The dreams are always very loving, there isn’t anything scary about them. When I wake from the dream, I feel as if I really met them, not like recalling a dream.

In this visitation dream, my friend looked so healthy, like before she became ill. I said in my mind “Is that you?” She replied “Yes! It’s really me” Then she gave me a big hug. She also was holding a box that was white and translucent. She was giving me this as a gift.

When I woke up, I tried to recall the box and get closer to it. But I wasn’t able to understand it further then the dream. I hope the meaning will reveal itself another time.

Another strong memory of a visitation dream was shortly after my dad passed. I remember it being a few days before his funeral. Again it was very vivid and clear connection. He told me that he was ok, and don’t be too sad, he will be right here when I need him. Then he gave me a kiss right between my eyes and a little above. A third eye kiss.

Earlier this year, I was sick for a few months. I remember looking out the window before I fell asleep at the snowy tree. Suddenly I was standing under the tree with a group of my passed realatives. They all had their arms wrapped around me in a big group hug. They were wrapping me in white light and telling me everything is going to be ok.

These are just a few of the dreams I felt compelled to share. Thanks for listening and hopefully it will inspire you too.

“Spirit Visitation” by, Nicole Linde 2018

“Spirit Visitation” by, Nicole Linde 2018