Repetitive signs, symbols, character traits

Last week was full of repetition in a short period of time. There was about 5/6 spirits who were all in the service, the navy, army, etc. I’m not always sure which unless they show me something else like a ship or airplane. Also, at least 3/4 the spirits from last week wore glasses, and in some cases they were in the service and wore glasses.

In some cases I am merging or blending with spirit, see glasses on my nose, and even feel their weight at times. I look down at my body (which is their body) and I see a uniform. Other times, I see it in a flash in my third eye, as if they are standing in front of me. I see a snippet of their face, their haircut, a feature, a quick flash of what they are wearing, etc. Sometimes it’s several pieces about how they looked, other times, just a few. A dress that looks like a nurses uniform, a soldiers uniform with some metals or ribbons, wearing boots, makeup, a haircut, curly, long, glasses. Sometimes it’s how tall or short, how heavy they feel.

Anyway, I was working on this painting when the face emerged, and I just knew it was one of the spirits I had connected with later in the past week. I also saw quite a lot of her appearance, and yes she had glasses too. She was not in the service, but her husband who came in a little later in the connection was. There are a few symbols included in this painting from that reading that came through. Some of what she did, her relationship to the sitter, memories.

I’m find it curious when I receive repetitive signs, character traits, etc. in a short period of time. Something new, to add to what I’m learning. Imprinted in my mind to help act as a reference point for future readings? ::