Showing parallels to my own life

I find there are so many insights, each time I do a reading, it’s really wonderful.

Before each reading I ask spirit to please guide me to become a clearer channel for the sitter. Help me get out of my own way, by saying what I’m getting, and basically to trust myself. And help to keep the connection flowing. Also, I ask if spirit will please help me to learn from the reading, so that I may understand on a deeper level any lessons, or meanings in my development.

In the past two weeks, there has been a lot to write about. I asked spirit to help me gravitate to write about what feels the loudest today. I keep a journal to jot down a few things here and there about a reading, but it’s not the actual reading that I’m focused on after, it’s what I’ve experienced and learned from it.

One element that came up in the past few days is how spirit showed me the undeniable parallels from my own life to the sitters life in a mediumship reading and also a psychic reading. I have understood some of this before in the way certain symbols, character traits, or things that are familiar to me are brought up. However, these past few readings I experienced almost overwhelming emotions, and clear images in memories that were almost exact to those in my life.

I have been doing a lot of mediumship development lately, so when I do a psychic reading here and there, sometimes I get all worried that it’s a completely different bike, and that I’m not sure how to ride it… I do managed to get on it, and this time I was surprised at how intense my clair’s were in the reading.

However, I was so confused by the first images at the beginning that I almost didin’t say them because I thought, “wait these are my memories…?” I said them anyway, and the verification gave me confidence to continue. The memories that I picked up in the sitter’s childhood to early adulthood we’re almost exact to what I had gone through.

Then a similar thing with my mediumship reading happened. The spirit guided me through some memories and character traits, that were so close to a loved on that I have on the other side it could have easily thrown me off again, where I would have thought “wait, am I talking about my loved one?”

Because I had just done the other reading, I recognized that aspect right away, and didn’t shy away from it. I found that it helped me to go deeper into the spirits emotions here on earth, and also gave me a sense of how free the spirit is now. Like they shed a layer of skin. I felt a sense of complete peace and a lots of love.

The parallels were there to help me see all this! I feel in both cases, the messages are as much for me as for the sitter :) Xo