who are your guides?

Who are your spiritual guides?

I never really knew who mine were until this past year. I’m sure I have more guides, and that they may change during different parts of my life depending on various growths and developments. Two of them I know for sure are passed family members; a grandma, and an aunt. How I came to understand this is another story :)

When I'm about to do a reading whether it be in development circle, for friend, or whoever. I try to open up before hand and invite them into my space to help me channel. What fascinates me is, that they are both there almost immediately when I reach out to them. They are my helpers in spirit communication development! Also, I find it amazing that they appear in the same positions evey time. My grandma appears in front of me a little to the left, almost like a still picture. I see her in my third eye, clairvoyantly. My aunt connects on the right of my body, she is very close to my shoulder, but I don’t see her. I feel her strong presence, a physical sensation, clairsentience. When they have arrived, I know I’m good to go.

Does this mean that I don’t make mistakes, and that everything is easy and clear because they are there? No. But, I have found that they help me to trust myself a little more so I can get out of my own way and ‘jump off the mental cliff’, or so that I often feel when starting a reading. And who knows what else they are doing during the reading. I don’t see or feel them after the first connection, they fade out as soon as the sitters spirits, the person I’m doing a reading with appear. I like to think that they are working behind the scenes with their spirits to help me receive symbols and information for clearer messages :)

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