The psychic medium in me (a little history of how I became what I already was)

I’ve always been an explorer of the seen and the unseen. When I look back now in my life, it really doesn’t surprise me that I am choosing to develop as a psychic medium, or rather it chose me. Spirit is seeking connection with us all. I talk about some of my history in the last OBE blog, so some might be repetitive if you read that blog. We are all mediums naturally, but like other professions there are those who are drawn to it and developed their skills with practice, classes, workshops, school, etc.

I tried to write this blog as points within my life, like pieces of a puzzle, as I became more aware with my psychic nature/gifts. I’ve also had a lot of fear and resistance in the past when it came to my psychic gifts, so I would shut them down for periods of time. Like many of us, I didn’t have a mentor to help guide me through these experiences, nor did I have any idea what they were at times.
My first encounter with a professional psychic wasn’t until my late twenties when spirit put me in the right spot at the right time. I had that old stereotype of psychics as being an old woman with a crystal ball nonsense and almost taboo. And I certainly had no idea what a psychic medium was until my 30’s when I was once again put in the right place at the right time from spirit, and my grandma.

 I was a shy child and liked to play with imaginary friends. I loved to be by myself painting, drawing, writing or just observing the world. I felt like I could understand what people were thinking and feeling intuitively. I would purposely merge with their energies and emotions. Almost like putting on a coat. By doing this I realized that I was able to understand the person and their motives well, which now I understand was developed more of a survival skill from childhood trauma. But when you have trauma in your family early on, you adapt in your own way. Then it took me years to learn not to merge with other peoples energies all the time and develop healthier boundaries. Now, as a working & practicing psychic when I do this, it’s to merge with a persons aura, or energy field during a reading when they have allowed for this, so I can try to help the person. I also ground before and after to be careful not to take on their ’stuff’ after the reading is over.

As a teenager I became more sensitive to interactions with people. I began to want to escape more often. Being a teenager is difficult anyway, but I also had unhealthy boundaries and psychic sensitivities to accentuate it. At age 14, psychedelics became me main escape route for a good 2-3 years. They were a tool for me to become closer to the spirit world. I didn’t know what this world was, I just knew that it often felt more real and safe for me then the ‘real’ world. I loved the way it broke up time and space. I do believe these psychedelics helped to accentuate my sensitives and channeling, but abuse of them had consequences. Also, don’t think you need to take psychedelics to become aware of your psychic nature, meditation is a profound tool for opening up. I also would not recommend actively taking them or any other drugs/alcohol while you are developing psychic gifts. I’m a firm believer like many, of a life of sobriety for psychics. You need to be very clear in your own self and body to be sensitive enough to understand where all the energies are coming from when you’re channeling. What’s your energy, what is spirits, and what is the clients.

So anyway, I ended up in a hospital for depression and being suicidal when I was 16. I talk more about that experience in the last OBE blog. The hospital was a wakeup call for me to get sober and to care about myself. I threw my energies into art which helped me to continue to channel in healthier way through artistic expression and share these visions with others. I decided to go to art school to further enrich my artistic gifts.

One way I tried to cope with these psychic energies in school, and OBE’s I was had in class, was to sit by a large oak tree right outside my dorm. I would plant myself there for several hours feeling safe and grounded by the tree. I have a few friends school that have brought up this memory of seeing me sitting by that tree over the years. Another place I would visit was the beautiful large cemetery not too far from the school. I only knew one person buried there, but I always felt drawn to the grounding and peacefulness I felt there. I would sit and close my eyes and be still for an hour or so, and sometimes bring my drawing pad with.

In photography class we had an assignment to go to a business and investigate with our camera to show the world what we saw. Then give a presentation to the class with the prints. I decided to go to a funeral home, and cemetery to document what happens there.
Also, my husband recalls me dragging him to a cemetery near where we live now years ago and doing yoga there :) Even though I wasn’t religious, I was always sensing spirit, and consider myself a spiritual person, a seeker, a visionary.

I then studied abroad in a few countries. In Iceland, I befriended a raven who would sit in my windowsill every morning. I am convinced it sent me telepathic messages through my dreams. I met a very good friend there, Ragnhildur who was into forest spirits and ghost busting. I didn’t think of it much at the time, because I was so focused on my art project in Iceland, that only now it makes so much sense to me what she had told me about only a few months before she became ill.

Ragnhildur died about 5 years after I had met her. I’m a firm believer that we meet people for a reason. I’d gone back to Iceland several times to visit, and was grateful to visit with her only months before she passed. After she passed away, she came to me while I was sitting in my old apartment making a painting. She came to me clairvoyantly, her presence was so intense I nearly fell off my chair. She told me “I’m ok, I’m not in pain anymore.” Then I had impressions that we were both on a train, going opposite directions, I tried to jump out onto her train, I remember feeling like I didn’t want to let her go. She said “I’ll be around don’t be sad, but this is not your train ride yet” Then her train disappeared.

Shortly after her passing, I was with my husband at a restaurant/ lounge area about to meet up with a friend. There was a man reading cards at one of the tables. I felt like a magnetic pull towards him. My husband suggested that I go get a reading from him. This was my very first reading. The psychic told me I had some gifts and encouraged me to develop them. I told him about the ghost that I was seeing in our apartment during my sleep paralysis (see my OBE blog for story) to see if he could help me with that. He encouraged me to talk to the spirit. Often spirits that hang around on earth plane are lost and just need some direction. Perhaps I could help this spirit? Suddenly I heard the psychics birthday date in my mind, there was a feeling of a connection to one of my grandmas. I told him out of the blue this, and what my grandmas birthday was. He said had the same birthday as her! Thinking he was just humoring me, I made him show me his drivers license. Sure enough he had the same birthday. He told my husband who was sitting near by that I defiantly have gifts and encouraged me to develop them. (p.s. I don’t go around guessing birthdays, actually numbers are pretty new for me. I believe this was a type of evidence spirit gave to me at that sitting for a wake up call.) He offered to mentor me, so I could start developing and tuning into my psychic skills. I agreed to, but after a few weeks I ended up backing down out of fear of it all and didn’t contact him again.

As for the ghost in my apartment, I tried to help the spirit, but in this case, it was more the spirit was helping me. The spirit came to me in a very vivid dream, he showed me many images quickly in a sequence of fish, plants, earth, birds, animals, landscapes, the earth, space, babies, kids, adults…and he said “see we are all connected through this light” Then a gate and door with many windows appeared, he said “Do you want to see what’s on the other side?” I said “yes!” Immediately, I was standing in front of this gate, it opened and I had my hand on the doorknob, when fear struck. I said “no, no I can’t go in there, please take me back” And I woke up.

I didn’t see the ghost again, he tired, but I was blocking this channel that was starting to open. I did this around the next five years. I partied and had fun with friends, and over indulged and medicated myself to try and push my sensitive energies down. Let me tell you resistance just makes you miserable.

Spirit just kept trying to get my attention! I recall around that time my husband and I were out on a date in downtown. We were walking from the car to the restaurant and this woman started yelling something to us from across the street. I was ignoring and just keep walking. But my husband told me to wait and listen to what she is saying. We stopped for a second and she said to my husband “ She had some powerful gifts, she is very intuitive, but she doesn’t know it yet” I brushed her off and kept walking. My husband said to me “Well she’s probably right, you are really intuitive. You should look into it more. “

One of my grandpas died a few months after my first child was born. I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window doing the dishes while my was son swaddled napping on the sofa. It was a dreary and rainy day when suddenly the sun came out and part of a rainbow appeared in the sky. I felt my Papa’s presence near and got goosebumps. I heard him say “Don’t be sad, I’m in a good place. Look at that beautiful boy on your sofa, he is so precious, he is a gift. Go to him”.

About this time, I began to hear voices and sense spirits right before I would fall asleep at night. And I don’t mean the first stages of sleep, I wasn't asleep yet. I would be lying in bed relaxing when I would sense a group of people in a circle around me talking about what is best for me. It felt like a circle of loving parents speaking about what’s best for their child. I found it comforting when it would happen.

Right about the time we moved out of state, my son was 1 years old and my grandma died about this time. I remember she came to me in a vivid spirit visitation dream. She told me she had a lot of regrets in the way she parented her children. And to pass along the message to my mom. She also wanted to help me. Shortly after I saw an advertisement for a psychic medium on Facebook. I felt very drawn to this person, and they were going to be coming to do an event near our town. I felt like my grandma was guiding me there. I bought a ticket and went. The audience was a couple hundred people at least. I was sitting in the very back of the audience. The medium started to bring messages through and within a few pieces of evidence I knew it was for me, my grandma, everything about the evidence was her. The message the medium delivered ws message about her and my moms relationship, and then he focused in on me. He said “ You’re a psychic too? You are already in this line of work, that’s what spirit is saying to me.” I told him “No, no. I’m just interested, and felt pulled here.” He told me that I was very intuitive and to keep going in this direction, and that my grandma would be helping me by showing me signs.

This is when I really started to be open to all of this. And as you already heard, I was resisting it out of fear and skepticism for a long time. Even after this medium, it took me another two years before I began taking classes and workshops. And I went to two more well known mediums to see if it came up in their readings without me prompting them. They also picked up on this in me. I kept making art, and the next few shows I had were at a gallery that was focused on paranormal, metaphysical, death and spirits. It was across the street from a cemetery and all my paintings in the show there fit right in.

During the two years between that first psychic mediumship reading and when I began development, two more family members died. My dad and my other grandma. When my dad died. It really rocked my world. I had a premonition the night before he was rushed to the hospital. In the dream I saw an ocean and blue skies on the horizon. Everything was calm one second, and then storm clouds and several spirits with large heads floating across the horizon. They said “ We’re coming for your dad”. Despite the scary message, they had a calming voice and peaceful presence. I woke up and told my husband, who said that I was probably just worried about my dad. Later that evening we got the news he had 2 weeks to live.

I told my dad on his death bed to make sure and send me signs after he was gone. He kind of laughed but agreed. He wasn’t religious, nor did her really believe in the afterlife, but he had an open mind, and loved scifi and extraordinary events. I was in the room with him when he died along with other family. About a minute before the pronounced him dead, I received a clairvoyant image of a bouquet of red roses. I knew it was sent from him as a sign of love to us.

Over the years since he’s passed I have been fortunate to receive many beautiful signs, spirit visitation dreams, and other messages during mediumship circles. Also the day I was going to give birth to my second child, I went on a walk down to a stream near where we lived. I was watching the rushing flow of the water and thought this is the flow of life, this is what will happen today. I crossed the bridge over the stream and suddenly I saw my dad in a holographic form on the right side of my body for a few seconds. It was an amazing, comforting feeling, and I knew I was supported during this special day.

After my second child was born, it was like spirit was on a mission to get me to start to really take my gifts seriously. Things started to accelerate, and when I would resist out of old fear habits and skepticism, I would get sick, or feel really depressed. In the past year can I fully say that I’m 100% on board with spirit. I’ve taken classes, workshops, continual practicing with other psychics, mediumship circles, reading, etc. in the past two years now to learn, self develop (which is a big part of psychic development) and developing my skills as a medium. It’s amazing what happens when you are on a path that aligns with your soul. I’m not saying it’s all easy, not at all. But when I make mistakes, or have slow periods, or worrying at times of my next step, there is an openness about it all. A support, a higher purpose, a loving connection. Also a deeper trust in oneself that in turn cultivates faith and beauty outward. I seek to share this when connecting to others and in my readings. This is my spirituality, this is a part of me, my expression, my life and I’m just grateful that I’m in a really free space with it all.

I hope this little blog has helped you if you are in the space that I was in for so long. Really it all comes down to building trust within yourself, and spirit. If you are in a space where you would like to develop your skills, I highly recommend reading and taking courses with teachers you feel comfortable with. Find like minded people who support you and your growth. Also practice, practice, practice. With other intuitives, with friends or family members you feel comfortable with. We are all in a constant state of development. I love taking courses with teachers, I can’t soak up enough. Theres so much to learn always. After all we are all here to learn from each other.

-XO Nicole


OBE, out of body experience

Have you had OBE (Out of Body Experiences) ? This is not to be confused with Lucid Dreaming, as they are two different things. I wanted to share mine incase other people have been confused like I was for a long time. I’ve had an interesting relationship with OBE’s, and in this blog I’m focusing mainly on them, but intend to write more about my history and path to psychic mediumship in the next.

 For most of my life I haven’t had language to put my psychic, mediumship, OBE, spirit visitation, etc, into context. I knew little to nothing about psychic gifts, telepathy, OBE’s, mediumship, etc. Of course I had heard of a psychics, but I had the old stereotype in my mind; a woman gazing into a crystal ball. And it never crossed my mind to go see one. I had no mentor to help guide me in these situations either.

Looking back now, I realize that not understanding one’s own psychic gifts, can cause fear and misunderstanding within oneself and their own mind, expression, and even life path. I like to share my experiences in my spirit blog to hopefully connect and even help others realize that psychic abilities are normal and everyone has them. Some might have more of a disposition to it, like playing music or art, and it depends on one’s own desire to understand and develop them.

I was a shy child and liked to play with imaginary friends. I loved to be by myself painting, drawing, writing or just observing the world. When I was in younger I had fainting episodes. I don’t know if this is related to my OBE sensitivities, but I had a stretch of them, including falling off the bleachers at my elementary school play. I do think some of these episodes were related to stress and fight or flight. The fainting faded out in my teenage years, and have had only a few as an adult.

Another psychic sense that I had as a child,  was feeling like I could understand what people were thinking and feeling. I would purposely merge with their energy and emotions. Almost like putting on a coat. By doing this I realized that I was able to understand the person and their motives well, which now I understand was developed more of a survival skill. But when you have trauma in your family early in your childhood, you adapt in your own way.  It took me years to learn not to merge with other peoples energies and develop healthier boundaries. Now, as a working practicing psychic when I do this, it’s to merge with a persons aura, or energy field during a reading when they have allowed for this, so I can try to help the person. I also ground before and after to be careful not to take on too much of their ’stuff’.

My healthy escape from people was going on walks in nature. I remember 'hearing voices’ while I was walking on a trail through the forest during the summer. The voices felt very protective like spirits around me. I would hear them on and off for several years.  I just assumed everyone did to until I told a friend and she thought I was a little crazy, so I didn’t talk about it again for a long time.

As I entered my teens, I became much more sensitive to the outside world, school, friends and family dynamics. It all became too much for me. My only peaceful OBE happened when we were in Colorado in a sky resort up in the mountains, and I was sleeping on a pullout in the living room. Right when I was about to fall asleep the ceiling suddenly parted and the night sky was in my bedroom, I then looked around and saw myself floating above the room. It was pretty peaceful feeling, and I don’t recall being afraid of this. 

I began taking lot of psychedelics at age of 14 and smoking a lot of pot. Almost everyday I would trip, I felt it brought me closer to the world I had started to become aware. I do believe the psychedelics helped open more of my natural psychic nature. However, I was not responsible with them and used them far too often to escape from my life constantly. This abuse with drugs sent me into a downward spiral habit over several years to the point where I became paranoid of my friends and family. I was hospitalized  at the age of 16 for depression, and suicidal.

 The rest of my OBE’s that I had were from traumatic situations or not very peaceful because I was fearful of them. One incident happened just previous to being hospitalized. I don’t wish to talk about the horrible incident, except for it was a situation in which I was overpowered. I immediately went out of my body and was up near the ceiling looking down at myself in the situation for several minutes. This haunted me for years, and I have worked through it and made peace within.

During my hospital stay, I just wanted to leave this earth and go back to spirit. I was very lost, and alienated I didn’t identify with my life or anyone in it. I was staying in the suicide watch section of the hospital where the aids come check on you every 15 minutes day and night. I remember waking up and my soul had left my body, I was in the corner of the room observing the aid with her flashlight checking to see if I was breathing.

One day at the hospital I had wake up call. I was sitting in the small cafeteria with a few other patients. Another teenager who had tried to take his life was all wrapped up in bandages next to me. I heard and felt messages from what I understand now as spirit talking to me. It’s difficult to explain, but I remember a few quick messages, and these me aware that I was not in the same place as him. Knowing this helped me to want to get better.

After the hospital, I dropped the drugs and channeled my sensitivities by throwing myself into my artwork, where I was able to connect and feel closer to higher self, and express my energies within.

I embraced my artistic side and decided to go to art college. During the first year of art school, I had 2-3 out of body experiences.  I recall one very distinct memory in drawing class, while I was listening to the teacher give instructions when suddenly I was hovering over watching the classroom from above. The split of my spirit being above while my was body below amongst  the other students, caused me to panic. This brought be back into my body and I  felt very nauseous and about to pass out. I had no idea what was going on at the time. Even though this was now a familiar experience, I still didn’t know what an OBE was, and I remember worrying that I might be going crazy. I would have to leave the room and sit in the hallway, or make an excuse to the bathroom so I could catch my breath.  I was also certain I could hear what people were thinking at times, and then it would mix up all together, where I wasn't sure if they had just spoken to me out loud or telepathically. 

One way I began to try and cope with these psychic energies was to sit by a large oak tree right outside my dorm. I would plant myself there for several hours feeling safe and grounded by the tree. I have a few friends school that have brought up this memory of seeing me sitting by that tree over the years. Another place I would visit was the beautiful large cemetery not too far from the school. I only knew one person buried there, but I always felt drawn to the grounding and peacefulness I felt there. I would sit and close my eyes and be still for an hour or so, and sometimes bring my drawing pad with.

In photography class we had an assignment to go to a business and investigate with our camera to show the world what we saw. I decided to go to a funeral home, and cemetery to document what happens there.
Also, my husband recalls me dragging him to a cemetery near where we live now years ago and doing yoga there :)
I’m going to jump forward to the next experiences with OBE’s.  In my late 20’s I had several episodes of sleep paralysis in which I could see or sense other people (spirits) in the room. One man in spirit visited several times, and I’ll write about him in my next blog. I brought it up because I have learned that there is a relationship between sleep paralysis and OBE’s.  While I never completely left the roomy soul did hover in the room while my body was trapped in fear on the bed because I couldn’t move. He kept motioning for me to follow him out the walls of the apartment. I was terrified and it brought me back to my physical body.

The last OBE that I recall is during my second child’s birth. I decided to do a natural brith without the use of any drugs and with a midwife. Although the labor was much shorter then my first it was extremely painful. While I was in active labor my soul kept trying to leave my body. It ripped through my chakras from root through crown and out hovering above my head about two to three feet. I remember thinking this what it’s like to die. While my soul was hovering, I saw a train passing by. I wanted to get on the train, but knew if I get on the train, I can’t come back. With every intense contraction it would happen again, so about every 2-3min at first and then every minute, lasting as long as a minute I would be travel out of my body a few feet and then get sucked back in again.

 As much as I can look back at these experiences with awe, up o this point all the OBE experiences I’ve had have been involuntary and fearful. I have journaled about them over the years as I started to learn more about OBE’s within the past few years. Now I’m interested in having intentional and positive experiences with OBE’s like some people who are really exploring them do.

I took a workshop where my instructor Sharon Sandana Kumara has had over 600 OBE’s and is writing a book about them, she has a positive view on them and how they can enrich your daily life. She intentionally puts her body in a deep relaxing state of mind so that she can travel around and explore past lives, spirit world, other dimensions, etc. With guided meditation she to imagine what it’s like to get into an OBE, and what you can do when you're in one. 

  In the class she brought us through a deep relaxed body/awake mind meditation. During it we were encouraged to feel with our imagination what it’s like to have your soul leave and travel around while hour body lay heavily relaxed. Once I was in that space, I felt like I was swinging from branch to branch like a monkey through the city. Then my energy became very fast, like I was zipping around at hyper speed, checking in on different people I know, with an aspect of remote viewing. I was visiting them for a brief moment, telepathically saying ‘hey, how’s it going?’ and gave a hug. Now that Sharon has helped me to see them in a new light I may give it a try.


'Align' 72 card original art & oracle insight deck

Excited to share my new oracle deck called ‘Align’ !

Creating this deck of oracle cards was a great way for me to combine my artistic expression with spiritual insights. My deck includes 72 cards with images created from my original paintings. The box and cards are standard Oracle/Tarot size. 

Go ahead and pick your daily insight card to help align your day. Or pick a three card spread for past, present, and future overview. Have fun creating your own spread! It’s now for sale on both websites


'Align' Oracle cards.

72 card original art & oracle deck for daily spiritual insights.

Trance state

I was inspired by a vision during a trance state meditation workshop I took. During this guided meditation the body is in a deep relaxation, with a waking mind. You are bypassing the ego, or going past the identity of your memory to deeper source.

The ceremony included singing bowls, chanting music, and then our teacher used a count down with key words, and visual format, over and over, to reach deeper and deeper into this waking mind space. I felt very safe and open, but at the key points of going lower I did feel a bit hesitant at the transition times. Once we were at a certain level our teacher wanted us to connect to what was in our space.

Immediatley I entered through a space wormhole into a room made of stars, within space. It felt cozy yet expansive. I was surrounded by 12 black cats, and one other larger black cat that was protectively roaming the circle. I was able to reach the cosmic landscape with my hand and move them around in trails. There was one constant glowing crescent moon hung low in the sky.

I saw my reflection and I asked “who am I ? “ There were many light beings surrounding me. I felt very protected. They said “you are we, and we are you. This is the circle of light exchanging between us”. 

Then a gold pentagram appeared and many birds came, some sat on the cats back. Suddenly I was inside an Egyptian coffin looking around at this world. I was that person, this is my world. It felt familiar yet new. Everthing around me was very vivid in color and shapes. Then a bird swooped down and put a pentagram tattoo on my third eye.

Our teacher started to ease us back out of our trance by counting us back up through several layers. While she was doing this I felt and saw my animals all coming with me, and I was still very much the Egyptian person. I felt resistance to going back, like I wanted to stay in that place longer. Then the meditation was over. I feel very moved and grateful for this experience. xo


Clairvoyance or imagination ?

An important part of mediumship development is learning how to tell the difference between your imagination and information from spirit. This is something that we all have to learn and go through in practice to understand how the two feel differently. And it constantly challenges the need to be wrong or right. For me it’s been a process of letting go, and letting go again, and again. A little like jumping off a mental cliff and not worrying where you land. I bet psychic mediums with years of experience still struggle to some degree with this at times.

Practice with validation and feedback from the sitter (person you are giving the reading to) is part learning how to tell the difference. However, there are times when what you say is correct, but they don’t remember that detail or memory, during the reading. This is (called ‘psychic amnesia’) which can also be confusing for the medium. Some people might remember later and reach out to you, and let you know later. I feel like if 80% of the reading resonates with the sitter, then it’s a good one.

Over time, I’ve begun to slowly tease apart imagination and clairvoyance from each other. It almost feels on a micro level, and in a flash my mind knows. I still throw stuff out that isn’t in alignment to the sitter, but when I do I find myself able to move on quicker and not get stuck in it.

Through the “clairs” in our body is how a medium picks up on the information spirit is giving them. It’s like playing charades with the senses. Since clairvoyance is one of my strong clairs, and I think the one most people can probably relate to, that image of the third eye within themselves. I’ve experienced clairvoyance information from spirit as symbols, images, and like a short movie clip.

I’ve realized a few ways that I can misinterpret information spirit is sending me. Information from spirit can come in VERY quickly. So quickly that it can be easily missed, a little like music, it moves fast, can be difficult to catch, then it’s gone. If I feel like I missed something, I try to let it go, so I can be open again to pick up the next piece. Also, I believe if it’s important enough, spirit will bring it back again.

One way I might misinterpret spirit is to try and interpret what I get too much. I have learned to try not to interpret mediumship information and just ‘give what I get’. What I see, feel, know, etc, even if it doesn’t make ‘sense’ to me, or seems like pieces at times. It may be making sense to the sitter.

Like I said before, images from spirit are direct and fast. They can also be simple, one piece of a puzzle. That said, it’s amazing how much the mind wants to latch on and try to use imaginations to construct connections to the images that come through. For example, I was giving a reading and the spirit came in wearing a military uniform, boots, wore a hat a certain way, brought me through how he died and where, 4 people who were around him around time of death. Plenty of detailed evidence that spirit gave me to give to the sitter.

Then I was suddenly in a house, I see a Christmas tree, then a quick snippet of the fireplace mantle, and an flash of stars on a flag sitting above it. It would have been easy for me to not tell the sitter about the stars because my imagination would have just decided that he was patriotical. I could have missed the meaning of that. I’ve done that before. Mind wants to create a story, but it’s not my story to interpret.

I’m glad I mentioned the stars. When she was giving me feedback after the reading, she told me he had a military funeral service and they put the wrapped flag above the mantle at Christmas time which is also, why I saw the Christmas tree. It had a lot of meaning to her, and so glad that I mentioned that detail specific in honor of his passing.

Another way I’ve noticed I can get in my way with imagination is by blocking the information spirit is giving me, because maybe I don’t want to ‘go there’ ?

For example I was connecting with a spirit who was bringing through all sorts of validation for the sitter on her character, their relationship, other specific family dynamics. Then the sitter asked me how she died. Immediately I saw a rope around her neck like a noose, and my hand went right to my throat. But instead of saying what I saw, my mind jumped and switched to another part of my body. I felt nauseous, tingles all over my body, then my mind decided it was confused. Which to me when I feel confused then it’s a signal I’ve jumped out of the spirit connection and into my rational mind. Which causes my imagination to want to construct an outcome. So, I guessed cancer.

It wasn’t cancer, it was suicide. And the sitter mentioned to me that when I had my hand to my throat, and nauseous she knew I was following spirit. Even though the spirits death was caused by asphyxiation from car exhaust, not by hanging, I realized spirit was showing me an image for suicide.

For some reason my mind wouldn’t allow the flash of a second of information from spirit to resonate in me. I have connected to other spirits who’ve died from taking their own life. I’m not sure why I blocked myself during that reading, and jumped out of connection with spirit. It’s all a learning process. Something I understand now about a reading, hopefully will come though in the next.

This is just a few examples of how subtle and intricate it can be connecting to spirit as a medium. It’s all an ongoing learning process and an art form. I find it fascinating and love all the healing spirit can bring 😍.


My website to book readings


Wanted to let you know about my new site. This site is for booking readings.

Coming up in December, I will be offering hour long psychic readings with my friend Jessica. She and I will be on video together to take care your questions. Please visit to book now, for now these readings will be limited to weekends.

In January, I will be offering readings, and have art availble for sale at a psychic fair. This is my first fair! Details to follow soon. XO


Spirit Visitation Dreams

Have you had a spirit visitation dream before? I’ve had visitation dreams from passed family members, friends, and a guide. Here are a few of mine that I’d like to share.

The other night I had a vivid dream from my friend who passed away when I was in my late 20’s. She wasn’t on my mind, and I realize often visitors like to surprise, as she did the other day.

One thing is clear with all the visitation dreams I’ve had. They are always crystal clear, very vivid like technicolor. I can often hear and feel the person. The dreams are always very loving, there isn’t anything scary about them. When I wake from the dream, I feel as if I really met them, not like recalling a dream.

In this visitation dream, my friend looked so healthy, like before she became ill. I said in my mind “Is that you?” She replied “Yes! It’s really me” Then she gave me a big hug. She also was holding a box that was white and translucent. She was giving me this as a gift.

When I woke up, I tried to recall the box and get closer to it. But I wasn’t able to understand it further then the dream. I hope the meaning will reveal itself another time.

Another strong memory of a visitation dream was shortly after my dad passed. I remember it being a few days before his funeral. Again it was very vivid and clear connection. He told me that he was ok, and don’t be too sad, he will be right here when I need him. Then he gave me a kiss right between my eyes and a little above. A third eye kiss.

Earlier this year, I was sick for a few months. I remember looking out the window before I fell asleep at the snowy tree. Suddenly I was standing under the tree with a group of my passed realatives. They all had their arms wrapped around me in a big group hug. They were wrapping me in white light and telling me everything is going to be ok.

These are just a few of the dreams I felt compelled to share. Thanks for listening and hopefully it will inspire you too.

“Spirit Visitation” by, Nicole Linde 2018

“Spirit Visitation” by, Nicole Linde 2018

Repetitive signs, symbols, character traits

Last week was full of repetition in a short period of time. There was about 5/6 spirits who were all in the service, the navy, army, etc. I’m not always sure which unless they show me something else like a ship or airplane. Also, at least 3/4 the spirits from last week wore glasses, and in some cases they were in the service and wore glasses.

In some cases I am merging or blending with spirit, see glasses on my nose, and even feel their weight at times. I look down at my body (which is their body) and I see a uniform. Other times, I see it in a flash in my third eye, as if they are standing in front of me. I see a snippet of their face, their haircut, a feature, a quick flash of what they are wearing, etc. Sometimes it’s several pieces about how they looked, other times, just a few. A dress that looks like a nurses uniform, a soldiers uniform with some metals or ribbons, wearing boots, makeup, a haircut, curly, long, glasses. Sometimes it’s how tall or short, how heavy they feel.

Anyway, I was working on this painting when the face emerged, and I just knew it was one of the spirits I had connected with later in the past week. I also saw quite a lot of her appearance, and yes she had glasses too. She was not in the service, but her husband who came in a little later in the connection was. There are a few symbols included in this painting from that reading that came through. Some of what she did, her relationship to the sitter, memories.

I’m find it curious when I receive repetitive signs, character traits, etc. in a short period of time. Something new, to add to what I’m learning. Imprinted in my mind to help act as a reference point for future readings? ::


Showing parallels to my own life

I find there are so many insights, each time I do a reading, it’s really wonderful.

Before each reading I ask spirit to please guide me to become a clearer channel for the sitter. Help me get out of my own way, by saying what I’m getting, and basically to trust myself. And help to keep the connection flowing. Also, I ask if spirit will please help me to learn from the reading, so that I may understand on a deeper level any lessons, or meanings in my development.

In the past two weeks, there has been a lot to write about. I asked spirit to help me gravitate to write about what feels the loudest today. I keep a journal to jot down a few things here and there about a reading, but it’s not the actual reading that I’m focused on after, it’s what I’ve experienced and learned from it.

One element that came up in the past few days is how spirit showed me the undeniable parallels from my own life to the sitters life in a mediumship reading and also a psychic reading. I have understood some of this before in the way certain symbols, character traits, or things that are familiar to me are brought up. However, these past few readings I experienced almost overwhelming emotions, and clear images in memories that were almost exact to those in my life.

I have been doing a lot of mediumship development lately, so when I do a psychic reading here and there, sometimes I get all worried that it’s a completely different bike, and that I’m not sure how to ride it… I do managed to get on it, and this time I was surprised at how intense my clair’s were in the reading.

However, I was so confused by the first images at the beginning that I almost didin’t say them because I thought, “wait these are my memories…?” I said them anyway, and the verification gave me confidence to continue. The memories that I picked up in the sitter’s childhood to early adulthood we’re almost exact to what I had gone through.

Then a similar thing with my mediumship reading happened. The spirit guided me through some memories and character traits, that were so close to a loved on that I have on the other side it could have easily thrown me off again, where I would have thought “wait, am I talking about my loved one?”

Because I had just done the other reading, I recognized that aspect right away, and didn’t shy away from it. I found that it helped me to go deeper into the spirits emotions here on earth, and also gave me a sense of how free the spirit is now. Like they shed a layer of skin. I felt a sense of complete peace and a lots of love.

The parallels were there to help me see all this! I feel in both cases, the messages are as much for me as for the sitter :) Xo


who are your guides?

Who are your spiritual guides?

I never really knew who mine were until this past year. I’m sure I have more guides, and that they may change during different parts of my life depending on various growths and developments. Two of them I know for sure are passed family members; a grandma, and an aunt. How I came to understand this is another story :)

When I'm about to do a reading whether it be in development circle, for friend, or whoever. I try to open up before hand and invite them into my space to help me channel. What fascinates me is, that they are both there almost immediately when I reach out to them. They are my helpers in spirit communication development! Also, I find it amazing that they appear in the same positions evey time. My grandma appears in front of me a little to the left, almost like a still picture. I see her in my third eye, clairvoyantly. My aunt connects on the right of my body, she is very close to my shoulder, but I don’t see her. I feel her strong presence, a physical sensation, clairsentience. When they have arrived, I know I’m good to go.

Does this mean that I don’t make mistakes, and that everything is easy and clear because they are there? No. But, I have found that they help me to trust myself a little more so I can get out of my own way and ‘jump off the mental cliff’, or so that I often feel when starting a reading. And who knows what else they are doing during the reading. I don’t see or feel them after the first connection, they fade out as soon as the sitters spirits, the person I’m doing a reading with appear. I like to think that they are working behind the scenes with their spirits to help me receive symbols and information for clearer messages :)

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